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Is it possible to 'restore' a system image to a server?

06-01-2016, 19:12
You can restore a full image from the rescue mode. The best option is to put the image, compressed in gzip, into an http server. Then, you can run something like this:

wget -qO- http://server/image.gz | gzip -dc > /dev/sda

The gzip part is not mandatory, but it will make the file a lot smaller.

You must consider that this will surely wotk on the same server where the image was taken. It could probably work for another server with same hardware, but orobably won't on a different server.

06-01-2016, 16:32
Instead of having to set up my server the exact same way every time, is there a way to restore a backup image to a server (perhaps through rescue mode?)

Assume that I've made a complete system image.