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When will my server be available?

08-01-2016, 16:49
same error like me

08-01-2016, 16:29
Ok, my server has been set up. But I can't install anything on it, choosed HD as boot, rebooted, choosed Debian 8, and on third step it just hangs on. Over and over, in all browsers. And now, I can't access anything at all in the CP, my server's page is giving this error:
An error occurred while loading your service information. ([id] Can't call method "setData" on an undefined value at /manager/rip/proxy/ line 128.)

07-01-2016, 23:20

I've already placed a ticket #2016010719077983 concerning the server in Gravelines region. When I reserved this server, I was already verified, and the page said it will be available in 120 sec. I've paid in 24 hours though, but was expecting that the server will become available. Paid with credit card, and received nothing. Even no Email that my payment was processed.

Please, investigate this situation. Also, I'd like to know, what's the OVH's refund policy for my type of order? It's a game server MC-32.