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When my server will be available??

08-01-2016, 16:55
Dear OVH Team,

My server setup is done, but now have more serious problems, i can't install any template from OVH to my dedicated server! it stuck in Step-3 !...
Also after a few attempts now CP can not load Server information and setup area !...

Hope it will be fixed as soon as you can!!!

08-01-2016, 15:46
Server setup done, thanks

07-01-2016, 23:29
Server ordered 2 days ago with Canada datacenter. anyone can help me?? can you setup it as soon as you can?

Order number : 47077831
Intel Xeon D
D-1540 8/16t
2,0 / 2,6 GHz 64 GB of RAM
DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz 2 x480GB of SSD SOFT