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OVH IE Team never answer tickets

08-01-2016, 15:13
Your service does include DDoS Protection, but the DDoS PRO doesn't mitigate all types of attacks, so you'll need to setup custom firewall rules or use Anti-DDoS GAME which mitigates all layers.

08-01-2016, 12:25

This has become ridiculous and absurd. I have had my IP blocked now, with explenation about someone trying to attack it. I was seemingly mistaken in the thought that my server includes ddos protection/mitigation and not just blocking the IP being attacked.

Another ticket I opened on an unrelated subject 4! days ago was not even answered. If that is the support I am expcted to have this will have to be my first and last month as I can't always spend huge sums of money to call Ireland phone, as I do not live there.

I have had friends telling me about top notch service, but they are with the UK branch, so that branch might have good service. How come you are saying you are open to all countries but not giving support. Seems like tickets are just for show.

I hope someone will read it with power to fix the issue, or maybe just fire the IE people if they are too lazy to answer tickets.