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Hacked and blocked

09-01-2016, 19:09
I think it will be hard to explain the situation by phone. We are from Ukraine.

09-01-2016, 18:13
They do not put your server into ftp rescue just for a screenshot. They do that when your server has been hacked.

Have you tried contacting them by phone?

09-01-2016, 16:46
One of our customer hosted screenshot or webpage of (this considered as phishing page).
I have to delete this content. But OVH turned server to rescue-ftp mode, so I can't delete anything.
And abuse team does not respond on my emails.

26 hours of downtime at this moment

09-01-2016, 06:42
It's most probable your server has been hacked, OVH detected that(because of the high traffic), and they put your server into rescue mode. If that's the case, you may see some notice on the Manager. The first time that happens to your server, you can just reboot it into normal boot, but, if it happens again, your server will be forced into ftp rescue mode, where you can only backup your files, and you will have to reinstall it.

What did the notification email says?

09-01-2016, 05:13
Do you have 24/7 support?
It looks like no...

08-01-2016, 19:23

What I have to do now?
You've just turned off the server.
I am your customer 4 years and your behavior looks really strange to me...

Where is support? Why you are ignoring support tickets?