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Default gateway on different subnet than the allocated IP block

11-01-2016, 15:39
PF Sense works fine for me on ESXi, just make an Internal network on VMWare if you only have card. Google for the guides, they are on this forum, are clear, concise and accurate.

09-01-2016, 12:13
I don't know if it's common or not but its against most basic networking rules.

I won't be spending any more time on trying to get my server to work. I'm giving up on OVH and will ask for a refund as the server is simply not fit for purpose.

09-01-2016, 01:47
It's not uncommon to have the gateway outside the subnet, at least when talking about internet; local networks are a lot different.

This kind of configuration is correctly supported on all major OSes. Windows supports it without extra configuration, and Linux also supports it, you just have to tweak the configuration a little bit.

Don't know bot to deal with IP configuration in FreeBSD, but in Linux, you just have to add a route to the gateway before adding the default route.

Looking around, I found this post:

Maybe it can help you.

The other part, about needing two NICs, that's part of the server configuration. If you needed a server with two NICs (vRack), you should have looked for one which has two NICs.

08-01-2016, 22:29

I'm sure there were many posts like this one before but I hope someone is willing to help because i wasted way too much time on this issue and i'm getting really frustrated.

I've got a block of failover IPs i want to use for my VMs but the gateway address is on a different subnet. I've never seen anything like this before. Anyway, the OS I want to install doesn't allow this. The gateway must be on the same subnet so I need a workaround.

I've looked it up and deployed pFsense but can't get pFsense to work either. It looks like pFsense needs 2 physical interfaces but my ESXi host has only one NIC active. It also doesn't allow the gateway on a different subnet.

I did follow few guides and some of them asks to install Linux OS on another VM and access the web GUI of pFsense from there. How this can be done? Will I need to configure remote access to Linux?

This whole IP schema is really stupid!