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Centos 6.x graphical installation with VNC on Citrix Xenserver 6.5 SP1

10-01-2016, 21:08
use the Citrix Xenserver GUI to maintain or install the VPS

10-01-2016, 01:00
I've installed a couple of Centos 6 VM's under Citrix Xenserver 6.5 SP1. No problem as long as I can live with the default text installer, but I'd like to change some partition details so need to boot it in graphical mode.

I change the boot string to "vnc", set up the networking bits, and the console screen clearly says

23:26:26 Please manually connect your vnc client to 192.95.x.y:1 to begin the install.
23:26:26 Starting graphical installation.

But no matter what I try, I can't get UltraVNC to connect to this IP. It hangs for about a minute or so, and then fails with the message "Failed to connect to server".

I've spent many hours on this now, tried all suggestions I could fine but no luck. Anyone know now to do this?