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A suggestion for OVH orders

13-01-2016, 17:12
noted! we'll pass it as feedback.


13-01-2016, 08:00
Hello guys,

I've order a dedicated server and at the same time the validation was OK. Next day I received my server, so far so good.
I also order IP in order to use it for a secondary DNS, CloudLinux and CPanel. On the same day I received CPanel license.
Now I am waiting for IP and CloudLinux to arrive in order to start setting up my server.

I have NO complains from OVH. The asked for validation documents, I sent them and they validated my account in no time.
My suggestion is, maybe OVH should change their orders strategy so a client when he will order a new server on the same time to be able to order the services/licenses etc . Maybe a more automatic option is the key .

Of course is JUST my personal opinion/suggestion. I never claimed I am the correct one and surely is up to OVH to choose their ordering procedure..