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Secondart DNS on IP Failover ?

13-01-2016, 17:59
thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, that is what I was doing with my managed servers. They gave me the n1 and ns2 and then I had to log into my domain registrar and point the domains to the new server. Of course, I had few hours DNS Propagation.

Thanx again for the tip, is helpful.

13-01-2016, 17:35
Assuming your main IP is A.B.C.D, and your FO IP is E.F.G.H, and your domain is

Your nameservers will be: -> A.B.C.D -> E.F.G.H

However, being the nameservers inside the zone itself will require you to create GLUE hosts on parent zone(com.); depending on your registrar, this can be a transparent opteration, or may be available as "GLUE hosts", "hosts", "parent hosts", or similar.

After that, if you want to add another domain to the same server (""), you should set its DNS servers to your main domain DNS servers, without IP, as it's not needed.

13-01-2016, 17:00
Alvarog, sorry for bothering you again, but in order to clarify this out : I should get a second failover IP and use for nameserver on the main IP and ovh IP and for nameserver 2 the two failover IP's? that is how I will get multiple nameservers?

13-01-2016, 16:57
OK got it, you meant two domains who would be two different nameservers.
For example : ns1.fistdomain ns2. first domain ns1. seconddomain ns2. second domain
Is that correct?

13-01-2016, 15:41
The purpose of having multiple nameservers is availability: if one is down, the other is still up, and will answer DNS queries; that's the same for almost all services.

If you use a single nameserver with two IPs, which you can, that will turn your server into a single point of failure: a downtime on your server will make both nameservers(main & FO IP) unavailable.

13-01-2016, 14:18
Hi Alvaroad, thanx for your reply.

Can you please explain what did you meant by " However, consider the purpose of having two nameservers is to ensure availability of the service, which of course you won't get in such case." . I wont be able to have ns1.mydomain and FailOver IP as ns2.mydomain?

13-01-2016, 13:49
Yes, you can. However, consider the purpose of having two nameservers is to ensure availability of the service, which of course you won't get in such case.

One option not many people normally consider is the usage of external DNS services, as master or slave. This can be really useful, as it provides a reasonably good degree of redundancy. You can try with OVH DNS, which is free, but only acts as master. If you purchased the domain through OVH, you can also add DNS Anycast for €0.99 + VAT/year. If you want a DNS service which acts as slave, you can try Hurricane Electric free DNS service, which allows both master and slave.

13-01-2016, 13:20
Hi guys,

I need to clarify this :

If I use the server's primary IP for the ns1 , can I use a Failover IP as secondary IP and therefore it will be ns2, or is it mandatory to use OVH's secondary DNS service?

Can you please help me clarify this out? Thank you