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Apache wont work on my VPS

14-01-2016, 16:31
I just re-installed ubuntu and installed apache2 again, it now works for some reason.

14-01-2016, 15:41
Thank you for your answer. I have the default apache homepage in my document root, which should have been displayed instead of the 404.
I also created a simple text html, which does not work either.

14-01-2016, 05:57
404 means the server is up and running, but the path you are looking for does not exist; this is normal on a new installation, and your DocumentRoot is probably empty.

So apache is actually running. If it wasn't, you would get a different error, something about connection problems.

14-01-2016, 01:55
As the title says, I have been re-installing my Ubuntu 14.04 VPS and Apache2 a few times already, but I keep getting a "Server Error: 404" page, as if Apache was not installed (I get the same page when I enter my VPS IP in my browser without having Apache2 installed).

After installation, I also checked the config and the directory is set up correctly.
I never had this issue on other hosts, and google also wont help me find a sollution.

This is really confusing me.