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Differences between GRA and SBG Datacentres?

14-01-2016, 17:42
OVH have 3 VACs, BHS, SBG and RBX, traffic will be scrubbed at the datacenter closest to where the attack originates from (I believe). Essentially you should choose the datacenter location which is closer to your players/visitors, although there's not a huge difference in location between GRA/SBG.

14-01-2016, 16:44
Hi there,

I am currently looking at purchasing an OVH Game Dedicated server MC-32 or MC-128. My main purpose for choosing OVH over other providers will be it's Anti DDoS mitigation and filtering.

Can someone explain to me the difference in capacity between the GRA (Gravelines) and SBG (Strasbourg) datacentres? What is the bandwidth capacity at each datacentre and which would be better at handling large attacks? Am I right in assuming GRA is the bigger location and has much more bandwidth to handle large incoming attacks.