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Server for Sale

20-01-2016, 10:04
Quote Originally Posted by marc5000
... wow! What did you use the box for, VM hosting?
It was used as a Proxmox box with quite a few VM's including MySQL and other databases and the 2 x 4TB was used for nightly backups over VRack for some other servers I look after for others.

The main reason originally for needing the HG-BIG was to get 8 SSD in RAID10 as disk IO always seems to be the bottleneck in Proxmox and I guess most Hyper Visors, as well as in most databases... So the two together was pretty critical. I think the CPU upgrade came later when I was drunk, wanting to get a faster clock speed per core. However that really wasn't needed after the upgrade the WHOLE proxmox host rarely went above 2% total CPU running everything :-)

I still haven't had any offers though, I am not expecting a fortune for it, I just may as well get some cash back as won't need it with over a month to go.

Just the rent is about 400 including tax and that's without the money spent up front.

Let's start the bidding for 150 for more than a months paid upfront and server?

20-01-2016, 00:40
... wow! What did you use the box for, VM hosting?

16-01-2016, 18:17
That's 128GB RAM and the cores are including hyper threading in case someone spots the finer points before me :P

16-01-2016, 15:43
Appoligies if you are not allowed to do this, just let me know and delete the post. I am sure you are though as I remember people selling on the most wanted SoYouStart and Kimsufi servers back in the day :-)

I have a nice server that is coming up for renewal and I was going to just let it expire, but being as it has a few grand of CAPEX upgrades on it, I figure its better to pass it on and might get some cash back. The CAPEX upgrades were paid in full up front and do not effect the monthly payments.

It expires on March 4th 2016 and the new payments will be 340.84 + VAT. If anyone wants it, I could probably have it ready to pass over sometime next week.

2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2687W v2 @ 3.40 - 4GHz (CAPEX upgrade, super high clock speed and 32 cores, large cache)
128MB RAM (DDR3)
MegaRaid 8i hardware RAID
8x 240GB SSD in RAID10 (CAPEX Upgrade)
2 x 4TB HDD in RAID1 (Capex Upgrade)
Dual 10GB LAN with VRack
Can have up to 12 disk in current form and can add extra shelfs for $$$$
Tier 4 redencuncy

This server is rock solid, no problems at all and the 8x SSD in RAID10 are a databases wet dream :P

Please post or private message me any serious offers. Bare in mind you will get over 1 months hosting included and a couple of grand has been spent on CAPEX.