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Move Failover IP's between servers?

17-01-2016, 16:46
Yes, this is possible. Part of the features for the FO IPs is the fact that you can move them between servers. Just remember you can only move them by the same quantity they where assigned; that is, if you were assigned a /30 block, you can only move the whole /30 block, not IP by IP; for single IPs, there is no problem.

BTW, something you may be interested is the following: With the OVH INFRA servers, you can do something even better: attach the IP block to the vRack, and then use those IPs from your VMs on any server attached to the same vRack; when you want, you can add new servers to the vRack and move the live VMs to a new server, with no downtime! Of course, OVH servers cost a little bit more, but, if you need such an option, it's important to consider it.

17-01-2016, 14:15
I've been a very happy SYS custome for just over a year now,
I know it is not possible to physically updgrade SYS servers - Im fine with that.

Is it possible to move failover I.P's between servers though?

Id like to do the following:
1.) Buy a whole new server from SYS at the new Spec and Not cancel the old one (yet).
2.) Copy my virtual machines to the new server.
3.) Move the Failover IP's to the new servers.
4.) If everything works cancel the old server at this point (Probably a month after steps 1-3).

Is this reasonable? I know SYS support is limited but would they be willing to move the failovers over? I'm happy to pay the setup fees etc for the new server - I just really dont want the problems of having to setup new IP's, I have approx 12 failover IPs if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help & suggestions