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Anyone received one of the new Opteron Servers

12-02-2016, 23:43
Just to close this thread off. I ordered one a couple of weeks ago. Despite saying 10 days it was delivered 48 hours later.
I installed HyperV-2012 R2. Installation failed with a fault. I received an email saying so, followed by an email it was being investigated followed by an email saying all was working 30 minutes later ( I didn't attempt to contact everyone).

Impressed at the SYS response and since then server has worked flawlessly..

19-01-2016, 05:57
If they say 10 days, then it's almost sure they will deliver it within 10 days. However, consider that "10 days" means "10 days after your account is validated and/or the order is paid". That means the 10 days count from the day your account is validated or the day you pay the order, whichever is the last one to happen.

18-01-2016, 23:37
Has anyone received on yet?
Im planning to order one - but the 10 day lead time is putting me off.

If it is only 10 days then thats fine.
My concern is 10 days really means "We dont have any of these and will deliver at some point in the future".

If you do have one - Any comments on them?