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Moving servers Soyoustart

23-01-2016, 14:32
In the worst case just migrate the servers at the OS level to a new set of servers in a new OVH account - lot of work but I fully understand OVH's stance on security here.

Maybe they could help you by giving grace on the current servers to allow you do action the above.

20-01-2016, 13:59
So shall we cancel a 2-year account with average 10 dedicated servers just because we cannot re-validate?

I don't really understand this level of restriction. We are an old customer always settling invoices on time and have used the same payment method since the beginning (which was validated when we initially opened the account).

20-01-2016, 10:20

I don't believe it would be possible for you to move the account from UAE to Canada due to legal reasons.

As Criot mentioned, it is best to set the account under the business name and with the directors name.



20-01-2016, 08:54
Don't believe so, with OVH you can transfer servers to different accounts but with SYS I don't think you can, you'd be best setting up the account in your business name and verifying with business documents, rather than with an employees details.

20-01-2016, 08:20
It was our fault to be honest.
Our account with Soyoustart was created by a previous employee, in his name and with his details. He eventually left us but as the account was only used for our business, he left it with us. A week ago we were asked to send verification documents for the identity and the address. As we don't have access to those documents anymore we opened another account and sent the documents and verified it.

But then we realized it was very difficult to transfer our existing 10 servers from the old account to the new one as the process is very difficult. According to the response from support, for each server we have to first fill in this form and then this one and then send the result by post. snail mailing a request for each server.

Is there a way to bulk transfer the accounts? Preferably also avoiding the snail mailing of the forms?
Previous accounts of the United Arabic Emirates.
And new accounts in the name of our colleague in Canada.