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GAME server Anti-DDoS & Firewall questions

23-01-2016, 13:37
Assuming you have SSH open, install Fail2Ban. It never ceases to amaze be how many people try to brute force my servers every day, via dictionary attacks etc.

23-01-2016, 13:34
The two are for completely different things. The DDOS is to stop some lame ass American fat kid with no friends bombarding your server with loads of traffic to make it unusable. The firewall is to cut down the area of attack for someone trying to break into your server normally through a known vulnerability. The point being, the less services they have access to, the less chance of them finding a way in. So only open ports on the firewall you absolutely need.

21-01-2016, 18:45
There are already predefined methods within the system for preventing attacks, the firewall is essentially just for you to block certain things/allow certain things.

21-01-2016, 15:50

I'm a bit confused with the way I should configure my MC-32 server firewall rules inside the OVH control panel.

What I currently have:
1) Three IPs, one of them is my server's IP, all of them have permanent mitigation switched on
2) Main server's IP GAME firewall has opened ports 53, 25565 and 25567 for Minecraft servers
3) Other two IPs have only 53 ports opened in GAME firewall, those IPs are for vanity nameservers
4) And no rules at all in the "standard" firewall

So will the protection actually work or I need to configure something in the standard firewall as well?

I believe GAME firewall saves from L7 attacks as well, but how could I test it out?