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Pls Help Customers

04-02-2016, 17:45
I understand this may be really frustrating for IBH customers. However, there's nothing OVH can do about it.

What is really important here is the legal barriers involved here. OVH has an service agreement with IBH, as they have with every other customer. That agreement does not allows OVH to do something about this, not directly, but because the required actions are forbidden by TOS.

For example, assuming you can prove OVH that it's your server(because, for OVH, it's IBH's, not yours), they cannot just reassign it to another account; that would be against the TOS in many ways.

First is that OVH can't just terminate the service. The only valid reason that OVH may be terminating a service for IBH is the lack of payment. But, even in that case, OVH cannot just transfer the server as-is to another customer, as that would be handling all the private information of the customer to a third party. Remember, for OVH, the data on the servers is not yours, it's from IBH.

So, unfortunately, it's more likely that there will be nothing to do about. However, if you want to take a (low) chance, you can try:

- Calling OVH support. Maybe (not probable) they have established some internal protocol so deal with this kind of problems.
- Try reaching Octave Klaba, OVH owner, via Twitter: @olesovhcom

Please consider that it's most likely you will not be successful with any of these, but may be worth the try.

04-02-2016, 16:28
You have a point, but IceBlueHost is never coming back. Owner has escaped from his country, has no money and no intention to pay for servers. Just look at his Facebook page and user comments
This one written by owner explains insights and it's just ridicules:

There was no warning, he obviously wanted to keep customers paying by the last moment. My server ( ) went down just yesterday.
It's not just my site, but my customers sites also who are not IT professionals aware of backup importance.

I understand that OVH has no contract with me/us, but it would be great and humane thing to bring server back for one day so we could get backup. You could also gain many new customers this way.

Thanks for consideration!

23-01-2016, 13:12
Exactly as alvaroag said, you aren't OVH customer, IBH are, so they cannot give you data off of another customers server, you'll need to contact your provider directly.

Hopefully you'll take something from this and remember to always have backups of your data.

23-01-2016, 00:44
Just checking, but seems like icebluehost is online and working, at least their website.

BTW, OVH can't help you, as you are not the customer paying OVH for those servers. Doing so would be against the contract OVH have with icebluehost(or the person behind it). So, you only option is to get a solution from IceBlueHost.

22-01-2016, 22:56

Today down .
IceBlueHost is a customer of OVH.
OVH serve for France Datacenter of Icebluehost.

I am a customer of icebluehost, i was using reseller account.. Now i cant connect my account so my files. I need backup of my files.
Probably files still on OVH Servers.
Please help me to get these files.