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[WebStorage CDN]Uploading files using API

13-08-2016, 12:01
After talking with customer support, we concluded that there isn't any REST API to POST/PUT so the only solution to "upload" files programmatically to CDN, it will be necessary to install openstack on the server, also there isn't any SDK, however, there's a small solution from OVH .

01-08-2016, 22:05

For the CDN Webstorage, you can return the access codes at:

A structure with credentials for using openstack account.



31-07-2016, 22:05

Im in the same situation, i've spend 2 days searching ovh for an api to upload file, but with no success. Does anyone have an idea about any other APIs available ? Or a solution to this problem ?

Thank you!

14-04-2016, 12:28
Hi QWRp. Same problem here.

Did you ever get to manage this?. Can you tell me how?.

Thanks in advance.

28-01-2016, 07:01

I can't find in an API function to upload files to WebStorage CDN. Is even it possible?

I mean, on the CDN API page ( there is information:
Ideal for developers

In addition to rapid CDN management, the OVH RESTful API offers broad scope for automating certain tasks, in order to integrate them into your own development projects and adapt your CDN configuration to your applications... All with ease thanks to the RESTful design.
Which kind of implies that this kind of thing is possible, because manual upload of files in browser is tedious so all developers would use some upload script. Is there any other API documentation except for this interactive console where this is described?