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New IP Address

01-02-2016, 12:00

You would first look to obtain a new IP address for your server at:

manager >> IP >> Order

Afterwards you would configure the IP on the server so that the IP becomes pingable.

Then you will edit the A record for the IP address to go to this new IP address.

Last but not least you would make use of the OVH network level firewall to block all communications to the server IP at:

Manager >> IP >> Server IP >> Firewall



01-02-2016, 10:37
"Then, you setup that IP on your server instead of the main IP(still same gateway)."

Sorry for DP, how would I go about doing this?

31-01-2016, 17:22
Hi, thank you for your reply.

Since I'm running a game and a forum when guests enter or register on my website they're using their IP address to connect to my server so I can manage connections per IP and ban users from the server if needed. If I filtered it to only allow my proxy IP it would potentially block people from accessing my services.

It's very frustrating as these people are using all kinds of attacks using zombie computers and all different types of attack whether it's a HTTP flood, TCP flood or hitting down main ports and MySQL needed to keep my services running. I had no problem however when people try target my PipeGuard. Is the IP per Windows OS which I purchased or the actual dedicated server itself? It would be a lot easier for me to get a new one rather than temporary blocking floods and hundreds of different IP addresses.

31-01-2016, 16:55
The IP address that came with your server is fixed to the server, so you cannot get a new one unless you get another server.

However, I'm thinking about two solutions for your situation:

1. PipeGuard acts as some kind of Proxy (Reverse Proxy) between your visitors and your end server.That's similar to how CloudFlare and other services work. Under that schema, your end server should only receive connections from your PipeGuard server, so you can put some simple firewall rules on your end server so it will only accept connections from your PipeGuard server. You can use firehol or shorewall for that.

2. Other option, a little bit more complex, is to get an FO IP for your server; you must pay €2 + VAT one time setup fee. Then, you setup that IP on your server instead of the main IP(still same gateway). However, you must disable monitoring on the OVH Manager, as monitoring can only work on the main IP.

31-01-2016, 14:19

I've got a dedicated server with OVH and I use PipeGuard protection for TCP and HTTP. A former employee of mine which helped set-up a lot of things on my server decided to leak the IP address on my server. Usually if you attempt to DDoS or attack my domain it will link to my PipeGuard and not my actual server.

I need to discard the current IP address and install a new one, I was just wondering how do I do this? I've tried to create a ticket but it's like 12-24 hour replies most of the time.

Thank you.