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SSH working, connection refused on ispconfig

01-02-2016, 13:03

Have you tried to enable the web server? Try to run the following command if you use apache:

Ubuntu: service apache2 start
CentOS: service httpd start

You may wish to create a support ticket in your manager at:

Manager >> Assistance >> Create a support ticket



01-02-2016, 11:10

I have a 'little' problem with my vps, which was working before.

Here is what I made:
- order an new IP and I was trying to modify /etc/network/interfaces in order to configure the ip
- even if I was logged as root, I wasn't able to modify 'interfaces' so I tried sudo and also also to mount (different commands I found on forums. BIG MISTAKE! )
- rebooted the VPS

Current situation: I can access ssh, but ispconfig3 and the websites are not working anymore.
Can you give me any advice to solve this. It's a networking problem?

Thank you very much!