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.xyz domain literally costs 1.21 to buy standalone but 10 with hosting?

04-02-2016, 14:18
Just prepared an order to test that. It's adding the ".xyz" domain at 9.99; however, it also adds a discount for 9.99, so you get the first year for free. So you will end up paying only the hosting cost. That's consistent with OVH standard offer: get the domain for free the first year.

Remember the current offer on .xyz is valid for the purchase, not for the renewal. No matter you get the domain for free with the hosting, or pay 1.19 if you purchase it separately, you will have to pay 10.99 for the renewal after the first year.

03-02-2016, 22:45
Why does the .xyz domain literally cost 1.21 to buy standalone but 9.99 with a hosting plan chosen?