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OVH.IE Account Validation and Vat Removal

06-02-2016, 00:07
Hi. OVH and SyS are actually separated companies, even when they run in the same datacenters; so is the user database, so your OVH account has to be validated even when you have an already validated account on SyS. As they do not work on weekends, you may expect your account to be validated by monday or tuesday. Just an estimate, of course.

05-02-2016, 23:20
Hello, I am currently a customer and just signed up with OVH.IE the other day, I didn't think i would need to go through the entire account validation/vat removal process all over again but I guess i do. I have already sent the required documents needed. Can someone here help expedite the validation/vat removal process?

Thank you,

My control panel name: gm282744-ovh


Edit: my id is: gm196238-sys in case that helps.