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Whta is't the best domain?

13-02-2017, 08:38
using to detach how familiar of your domain.
using google adword to detect how often people search for your domain
.com better than .net or .info

Sadie nora
17-01-2017, 03:56
a best domain must indicate your website content, like if you are selling dresses, it would be better there is keyword in your domain, like www. or something like that. In this way, the customer know your are a seller before they visit your website.

12-01-2017, 17:03
.gov domains only govt organization can buy i guess.

Quote Originally Posted by Incredible
Good idea is making name of something with domain, e.g.

16-04-2016, 15:26
when I bought the domain name usually concerned about the keyword that I seo

28-03-2016, 16:52
Best of two domains one is for education related ,u have to purchase .edu and another one is for anything best domain is .com.

24-03-2016, 15:53
If you intend to market to customers of a specific country or area of the world, you would want to use a area-specific TLD, rather than a .com, which indicates there is no set target for your market.

For companies that aren't trying to sell items, though, if your company's main presence is in the UK, for example, it would make sense to have a domain.

02-03-2016, 04:07
great, now I know. thanks you so much!

15-02-2016, 14:51
Good idea is making name of something with domain, e.g.

11-02-2016, 10:36
When buying a domain, itís important to understand that you must choose only Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). These domains can help you stay competitive in search engines and will also increase your brand reputation. Why? Because these domains donít target specific countries, and they are widely known.
According to Google, these are the Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) recommended if you want to compete worldwide. In this order

.aero,.biz,.cat,.com,.coop,.edu,.gov,.info,.int,.j obs,.mil,.mobi,.museum,.name,.net,.org,.pro,.tel,. travel -Follow this order