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47 Days legit refund not processed yet ! Support Solve this problem !! Order 46419110

17-02-2016, 16:22

I will look to inform the billing department to check into this issue. They will contact you shortly in relation to this request.

For billing request it is best that you submit this as a ticket in your manager.



17-02-2016, 13:51
On 26 December I have paid 16 euro for 8 IPs which were never provided. After a call they told me that the refund will be made on their usual terms (max 20 days). 47 Days has passed and they told me that Paypal transaction has expired ( Anyone ever heard of that term ???).

Support solve this problem immediately, is this a rule that your sales team fail to refund the payments and we need to ask for it over forum requests ? Could you please show some respect for your clients and refund the payments normally ? What if I would have forgot about it ?? You collect free money from your customers without any right.

Order NR. 46419110