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DDOS Issues > Connection resets

21-04-2016, 19:51
OVH's DDOS Mitigation == black hole all traffic going to the affected server

19-03-2016, 13:24
Try blocking all ICMP packets from firewall.

25-02-2016, 02:31
My users are not able to connect to the server when ddos attack started, I'm not sure if it's mitigation process causing the issue.
We are getting connection reset and defect message during the process or ddos attack.
They have to reattempt to connect to the server more than 5 times.
This applies to Remote Desktop Connection as well for me and my partners.
Please help me to look into the issue I mentioned above as it will cause my problem to be unsolved during each attack.
Anyone know how to solve my issue as well as blocking 20000-30000 ports all at once?
I'm extremely confused with firewall settings, I'm losing all my customers, need help really badly
If anyone can help me solve the issue, greatly appreiciate it and thanks!

my ticket number : 2016022419106934