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VPS with no internet ish?

28-02-2016, 14:21
Please Close

28-02-2016, 03:32
That's rather unusual. Have you made some kind of network changes?

Please post the output of the following command:

route print
ipconfig /all
Please make sure to censor your IP address. The last component will be enough in order to protect your security & privacy.

27-02-2016, 22:20

I an experiencing some really weird stuff today.

I have bought a Windows VPS today, and I have got a few of them from OVH, and loved them all.

But today, I get my confirmation mail and logs into the server. I noticed the "Network logo" in the progress bar was red, and I moused over it, it said "no internet access" - Hmm, then how can I be connected then? Anyway, I googled speedtest, and when to

And them I got a no connection from the site. I can google, but not enter any sites. Windows says I have no internet, but I have some.

I can tried to see if OVH has issues, but after the new design, I am lost.

Maybe one inhere can help? Someone might know what is the problem, or can tell me if there is any issues with OVH´s server "Strasbourg SBG1"

Peace in our time