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Assigning Failover IP to soyoustart/ovh dedicated server

29-02-2016, 23:31

You can move IP from server to server under SYS however the 2 servers would need to be in the same region.

E.g. IP FO on EU server to another EU server.

You would also need to ensure the destination server has <16 IP otherwise there would be a cost for each IP per month beyond 16.



29-02-2016, 08:43
Well it was weekend so you should wait a little bit.

29-02-2016, 03:26
Anyone any ideas?

28-02-2016, 15:58
Hi all, I've had a dedicated server i purchased from soyoustart a year or so ago, I want to assign a second ip to the server but when i go to the IP tab in soyoustart manager then select settings icon beside the FO IP I want to use then try to move the FailOver IP to one of my soyoustart services which is free I see no servers listed in the drop down menu,

Anyone any ideas how i go about doing this, I have also opened a support ticket on friday afternoon via soyoustart manager but still had no reply,