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[HELP] High ping issues

05-12-2016, 15:26
firewall for maximum protection

08-11-2016, 13:23
Is there any firewall installed, then try to disable it and check again. Also forward this packet loss report to OVH team so that they can check this network issues at their end

03-03-2016, 10:45
Didn't find anywhere to post except for this place
basically, my ping to an EU(fr server) is over 200 and spikes up to 400 each second, I tried using pingplotter and it seemed like the problem is caused by an route that is getting 50% packet lose and 270 ping, I used to get 110 to the particular ip address but now it is more than 250ms.
This is happening to OVH-related servers only, anything other than that seems fine and 110 ping steady
EDIT : I'm not the host of the server.