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how does your anti-DDoS work?

06-03-2016, 22:00
SYS servers only benefit from standard Anti-DDoS, so your traffic will be re-routed through the mitigation system when an attack is detected, you have no options for customising the rules.

With Anti-DDoS PRO (which OVH servers get) you can set to either have traffic re-routed automatically or you can enable permanent mode, so your traffic always goes through the mitigation system, additionally with the PRO Anti-DDoS you get access to the firewall rules so you can put in your own custom configurations, blocks etc.

06-03-2016, 20:53
Hello, I have a question to you considering your antiDDoS defence system... Do you happen to know it is made totally automatic or one can simply change the rules for the black-list manually? I will be grateful if you clarify this question to me.
Thank you!