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Domain stuck on the welcome page of ovh

07-03-2016, 03:21
Hello everyone,

still got some problems of redirection. I reinizialised my DNS as I had some problems (refer to previous thread)
And now My website is stuck on the welcome to ovh screen : www.stvnstrm.com
how can I link again my domain to my hosting ? On my FTP there's all of my website as it used to be and no index page that as been created for this welcome page that is showing now,

Any ideas ?
Many thanks


here are the infos :

/ Zone DNS

stvnstrm.com. 0 NS dns20.ovh.net.
stvnstrm.com. 0 NS ns20.ovh.net.
stvnstrm.com. 0 MX 1 redirect.ovh.net.
stvnstrm.com. 0 A
www.stvnstrm.com. 0 CNAME stvnstrm.com.
stvnstrm.com. 0 TXT "1|www.stvnstrm.com"
www.stvnstrm.com. 0 TXT "3|welcome"
www.stvnstrm.com. 0 TXT "l|fr"

/ DNS management

dns20.ovh.net - Actif

/ Redirections

Domaine Type Cible
www.stvnstrm.com vers un domain (CNAME) stvnstrm.com
stvnstrm.com Redirection visible www.stvnstrm.com