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Terrible support service.

07-03-2016, 13:13
This post is for the management of the company OVH. With support team solve question is impossibles. Customer service not effective.

We have tried not to create tickets because the response to wait very long. If there should not wait any problems ever expect support through ticket system.

For example:
Ticket 2016021219022896 created 02.12.2016 13:26. Now 03/07/2016 - There is no answer.

The most critical question.
I created an additional drive (Public cloud) that is unable to connect through the control panel. The panel does not allow it to connect. also can not delete the drive (Storage not longer available ). Disk still in control panel

Ticket 2016030219064957 created 02/03/2016 20:07

After 1 day, 03.03.2016 10:09 I repeat the question that the service does not work. Okay, we pay for disk what can't be used. In our instans 10 GB free space. Issue is critical for me.

after 5 support calls I got answer 04/03/2016 20:09 (2 days): Can you confirm that you wish to delete the 600GB storage from your public cloud and our technicians will remove this for you.?

Are you seriously?

Now 7 Matrh - no answer. Okay, we pay for disk what can't be used. Issue is critical for me.

Support team sends the tickets to Public cloud team, but they seem very busy.

It might be worth to expand the team support staff?