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Additional disk space + Plesk.

07-03-2016, 22:24

I'm a first time buyer of a VPS and am trying to work my way through setting up and configuring it to suit my particular needs. Over the last few days I've gained some questions I'm hoping can be answered here.

I've brought the basic VPS package offered so as to give trying out a VPS a cheap trial run however I'm finding the CPU speed and RAM size to be more than adequate for my needs so have come to the conclusion buying a more powerful package would be a waste of money.

However what I have quickly found out is that I do need more space than the 10GB offered since depending on what OS I settle on using up to 5GB of the space gets sucked up by the OS.

This leaves me with my first question. I've seen the disk space offered by the other 2 VPS packages and would want the 3rd and most expensive one with 40GB. However I've also noticed that in my OVH control panel there is an option to buy more disk space which works out cheaper and gives more space when combined with my current package stats. What has me concerned though is the naming of the button which is 'Order an additional disk'. Clicking the button also displays this: It will be visible as a second hard drive on your operating system.

My concern in ordering an additional disk for extra space is that I won't then be able to use it to host websites and in particular email servers on it since the default disk used when setting them up in something like plesk is the main system disk which will only have 10GB available to it still.

Is this correct? I'd like to think I'm a little bit above a novice at using Linux but not by much and I'm usually left scratching my head at guides when they start to use more then 4 or 5 lines of commands to get something done. So with that in mind if I did order a second drive is there an easy way to make it so plesk will let me use the extra disk space on the second drive to host websites/email?

My second question is in regards to plesk itself. I ordered the basic VPS package and left the default OS alone when ordering. When trying to find something that would help me manage Email accounts I tried out some free Plesk alternative and found them to be ok but nothing as good as plesk itself.

Now I've decided I'm probably going to just stick with plesk however I've tried selecting and installing one of the OS flavours that have it installed with them and have gotten a trial run of it up and working. What I can't seem to find though is a way to now go back to my VPS order and change it to include a plesk licence which i've only now seen I could have done if I'd selected an OS with plesk while ordering.

I know I can order plesk separate from the plesk site and get a key that way but it works out more expensive then if I was to order it as part of an OVH package so obviously that is what I would prefer to do. Anyone know how/if it's possible to do this and add on a plesk licence to my current VPS package? Or would I need to wait a month for my current VPS package to expire and then sign up again for a new one this time selecting a plesk licence at the same time?

In addition to this second question my third question is about the plesk licence itself. If I do select say CentOS + plesk will I then be able to install plesk again via a VPS re-install from my OVH control panel using Ubuntu or will the plesk licence then be locked in to only working on the CentOS or something?

Sorry if this was to long. Just wanted to try and be as clear as possible.

Any help appreciated.