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vRack for Public Cloud

11-03-2016, 17:47
Now I understand(or at least see it more clearly) what you need.

The vRack bandwidth is set by product; it is 1 Gbps for some dedicated models, and 10 Gbps for some others. There is no option tu upgrade the vRack bandwidth for a specific server.

11-03-2016, 13:17
It may be that we talk past each other, but I'm not concerned about Internet traffic. What I'm concerned about is traffic between two servers connected to the same rack. What I was seeking more knowledge about was whether "intra-rack" traffic would be allowed at higher bandwith than traffic going out of the vRack. My reason for speculating on this was that this would be traffic inside OVHs own network, and that they thus would be in a position to allow higher "intra-rack" traffic - possible only as an extra option where you could upgrade bandwith speeds

09-03-2016, 13:37
Each product(dedicated/vps/cloud instance) has a different assigned bandwidth for the internet and for the vRack. The max speed between two different products on the same vRack will be determined by the lower speed/bandwidth. So, you will always have a fixed bandwidth for each product, no way to improve it.

Even if you use internet through the vRack(with IP blocs), the bandwidth will be determines first by the vRack bandwidth, and then by the internet bandwidth, so the result will always be the lower one.

09-03-2016, 07:46
Are you absolutely certain about that? I've used Rackspace Cloud Servers quite a bit, and these servers come with two interfaces : one for public and one for private. If a vRack would work somewhat similarly (a server would be connected to a vRack through a second interface), would it be absolutely unrealistic that this interface would allow for greater speeds within the private network?

08-03-2016, 23:20
It has nothing to do with internet access bandwidth; vRack is used to create a private network between different servers/vps/cloud instances.

08-03-2016, 21:10

I see that the control panel advertises that vRack will become available for public cloud / VPS instances some time during the first half of 2016. Will this vRack offering allow higher speeds than the regular bandwith which comes with public cloud and vps instances (usually 250Mbps or 500Mbps)?