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Internal Routing

11-03-2016, 11:46
Hello everybody,

as I recently wanted to upgrade my server, I bought a new one and after installing the base system, the change of failover IP's went terrible. Switching made them unusable as there was no route to the IP's. I know it is a problem with routing outside my system as the config is completely the same as my previous setup.

After going to several posts here (yay search), I found a solution: add and remove a virtual MAC. Now, my failover IP's are routable from external (so I can ssh into the vm's) however, interal routing withing OVH is not working. The main machine can ping the other main server but not a single VM can ping any other VM and thus I can't ssh into my new VM's from any of the old VM's. To be more precise, the old box is using a failover IP X.X.X.X and my new one is Y.Y.Y.Y. Both are SSH accessible from the outside (from my home and anywhere else) but I am unable to ssh from X.X.X.X into Y.Y.Y.Y or vica versa. Traceroute gives me following first hop: ( but nothing after that.

Is there a way to fix this as now I am unable to switch to the new system as I can not transfer my files in a decent manner (except downloading them locally and then uploading them)

Thanks in advance!


PS: if more info is needed, please let me know but I tried to be as broad as can be for future questions