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API and Manager: bugs and issues

11-03-2016, 15:33

I have found a number of problems with the API and manager. I'd like to report them here and hope that OVH will find them useful, and fix them if deemed appropriate.

First bug: when a task has been created, either via the API or via the manager, and the task halts with status 'error', the task can not be relaunched or cancelled, and a new similar task can not be executed. Thus, the desired operation can not be reissued and this is problematic. For example, I run my own DNS for my own domains, and for a newly registered .ovh domain, I had added glue records that I needed to delete later on. The function is called "DomainHostDelete". And the tasks returned with an error: "error while creating host on registry handling tld ovh". The problem is that I am now unable to delete, or update (modify), or add a glue host. The domain is effectively stuck and unusable.

Second bug: there is no 'delete DS record' option in the API. The only way to delete a DS record is via the manager, but, when the record has been deleted and the list is made empty, the Confirm button becomes disabled. To work around this, with Chromium I can use the web development tools to remove the disabled flag from this button so I can click it, and this works, but it is an ugly hack.

Third bug: when deleting a DS record, the manager does not contain an 'accelerate' option. Luckily this can still be done via the API, but the manager needs this function too. Without it, users who do not use the API are forced to have to wait for 24 hours, but the accelerate option does exist and needs to be implemented.

Fourth bug: when a user adds glue records, and then updates the DNS servers of a domain, the system re-adds glue records, so, as a result they will exist in the system twice, making them unable to be updated or deleted later: the system will return an error " host is not unique". This will cause the customer to not be able to update/remove glue records anymore and as such the glue records become stuck.