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Getting blocked and suspended for something I haven't done.

12-03-2016, 16:05
What usually happens, and is the most common reason for suspending VPS or dedicated servers, is that most users don't wory about security, and leave the server unprotected, or even with weak root/administrator password. Then, some hackbot around there just get into the server, using some vulnerability or password brute force, and installs some malicious code, probably one to help some hacker do massive attacks(DDOS).

So, it's actually probable you are telling the truth: you made nothing wrong. Unfortunately, from the point of view of OVH, as an ISP, what you did wrong was not putting adequate security on your VPS; that's part of your duties according to the terms of service.

About the account suspension, I'm not really sure about that... did they gave you a reason for that?

12-03-2016, 08:57

I ordered a VPS to try out the service. I wanted to find a nice host for my server, and first few days it seemed I have found it. I set up and ran a few Minecraft servers and was planning to get a better plan so I could fit all my servers. I worked on it recently on 3rd march, and on sunday 6th I got an email that my VPS is blocked due abnormal activity has been detected on my VPS. I hadn't even logged on my VPS like 3 days. I only had set up a 2 Minecraft servers and MySQL. Java was installed aswell. I had no idea, what the 'abnormal activity' should mean, so I emailed them back. They told me I have attacked someone. I read the log and some Chinese IP was attacked when I looked it up. Emailed them again telling I haven't done anything and I have my work and important server files there. They claimed that they gave me FTP access but how can I access FTP if I don't even have the password(was probably changed). Now they have suspended my account too. I can't say someone 'hacked' me or something because I wasn't a threat to someone. I lost like 3 but I don't care for the money. The account and files are more important to me. This counts as a scam to me tho, because I paid for it. I don't even know HOW to attack someone. I know 'DDoS'ing or something is illegal. So what should I do? I want to get my files and my account back. I liked the service but accusing me in doing something I HAVE NOT DONE is total crap.

Thanks for reading.