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Why servers are down so OFTEN?

27-04-2016, 05:21
Please contact your service provider as soon as possible!

02-04-2016, 03:58
can i know which the provider that you are using their service?

15-03-2016, 09:02
For example, right now my cloud server is down and I can't even reboot it via ovh control panel.

Support is in silent mode, and don't answer me.

I Paid 120 eur every mounth, WHY I HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE THAT?

How do you think, what does it means?

internal error: early end of file from monitor: possible problem: libust[75796/75796]: Warning: HOME environment variable not set. Disabling LTTng-UST per-user tracing. (in setup_local_apps() at lttng-ust-comm.c:305) libust[75796/75797]: Error: Error open

I don't know to, as and what I should to do with that.