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Newbies - Do you need help setting up an OVH VPS?

05-04-2016, 13:01
Is that code still active? Its not working

19-03-2016, 21:35
Hi all,

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this here? If I'm not, mods please delete my post.

I was browsing various udemy courses and came across an excellent course on setting up an ovh vps. The instructor loves ovh and only recommends ovh and kimsufi for a vps or dedi. In the preview videos he explains why ovh is his preferred vps host. The entire 10 hour course is setup on an ovh vps. Its a step by step course for beginners.

I found a coupon code for the course, the code is "ovh" The link to the udemy is here. Its a 93% off coupon.