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Can't login in the manager

24-03-2016, 20:07
Are you on Twitter? If so you could try @ovh_support_en

Did you try rebooting your router? Fixed my problem

Another thought, if it's redirecting you back to the login page, are you sure what you're entering is correct?

24-03-2016, 19:47
How do I open a support ticket if I can't login in the manager?

24-03-2016, 17:01
Login working fine here, check your internet connection, I had big problems getting into the SyS manager this morning which was cured by shutting down my router for a short time

24-03-2016, 15:40
I can't login in manager, it redirects me back to the login page.

I can't open a support ticket either because I can't login.

I tried chrome, firefox, internet explorer, none of them work

Someone here is abe to login in the manager successfully?