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Best Forum Package?

06-01-2017, 10:50
I have to say I'm rather a fan of Discourse (

a bit of a new spin on the traditional forum, but simple, clean and easy to administer!

21-07-2016, 07:37
Open Source: MyBB, PHPbb.

Paid: Xenforo is the future! one of the best - Former main Developer of vBulletin.

17-06-2016, 10:57
PHPBB, or SMF is cool too.

30-04-2016, 10:46
FluxBB,,, ahh, now that is one clean-looking forum package.

07-04-2016, 13:29
FluxBB, Laravel 4. I've always thought that if I'll ever need a forum software that would be the thing I'd use, it seems good..

24-03-2016, 17:00
What forum packages do you feel are your favourites?
I have to say: MyBB.

It's free and open-source, and actively developed, by professionals - used by many of the world's message boards, although not as many as phpBB, the classical favourite of free forum packages, here's the things I like about it:

  • Very light
  • Easy-to-use admin CP
  • Simple for users
  • VERY flexible
  • Professional
  • Stable and secure

I am not paid or endorsed by MyBB, I simply run a forum using their package and am satisfied.
What do you believe? State reasons why.