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OVH Manager down?

27-03-2016, 01:32
There's a problem reported with the Manager:

They are supposed to be working on it. Unfortunately, the ticident is only registered in French, so the follow ups are only available in french.

26-03-2016, 23:31
I have the exact same problem.
I can't login to manager, it first asks for username and password and then goes to the next page (or tries to load the next page) Meanwhile I get the "notification of connection" but then manager redirects back to the login page.

I am a VIP customer but haven't been able to do anything because of the above. I only created this forum user to be able to post this issue.
And yes I tried both chrome and firefox.

26-03-2016, 13:12
Have you tried using another browser?

26-03-2016, 01:45
I am not able to log into the OVH manager, it tries to log me in, it shows the top bar for a second, but later I am logged out again.

What should I do?