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26-03-2016, 18:10
It depends on the RAID level you choose during installation, RAID 1 is a mirror, so both drives have exactly the same data, so you can only use 2TB of space in total, RAID 1 will therefore also increase read performance as data can be read from either drive. If one of the drives fail, the server should continue to run off of the other, functioning hard drive.

RAID 0 will give you 4TB of usable space but no redundancy, as data is spread across both drives, if either of the drives fail then you lose all data.

In either case RAID isn't a replacement for backups, and is generally just for redundancy and performance improvements - Always take backup of your data if it's important to you.

26-03-2016, 16:48

I was wondering if anyone could explain the SoftRAID? I did some searching and reading but there were so many different answers.

How does it work? I have a SYS server with standard installation(no custom) and 2x2 TB drives. Let's say the main drive crashes, will the other drive have everything that was stored on drive 1?