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Game server problems

01-04-2016, 22:00
Yeah thank you so much

29-03-2016, 20:20
No problem! I assume that fixed it?

29-03-2016, 14:14
Thank you so much! I have literally been tearing my hair out over this!! I've had tons of people bugging me for my servers haha

29-03-2016, 14:12
Go to the OVH Manager > Dedicated > Your Dedicated Server > Click 'Manage' next to your servers IP at the top > Click the settings cog on the right next to your IP(s) > Configure the GAME firewall

29-03-2016, 13:54
I did not know there was a game firewall. How do you do that?

29-03-2016, 01:38
Have you allowed the ports in the OVH GAME Firewall?

28-03-2016, 21:10
Hello, I have literally tried everything to get my game servers to work. So i came here to ask for some help.
I am running one of OVH's game servers MC-32, with Windows server 2012. The software i am using to make the game servers is called TCAdmin. In TCAdmin i have enabled windows firewall port opening, yet my game servers are not joinable or discoverable unless you have had a previous connection to the server using either the TCAdmin webcontrol pannel, or accessing the teamspeak, in which you can access both with no problems. It is only the game servers. They are not visible in the in game browsers and you are unable to join them via our website. I have gone to all different lengths to try and get the game servers to work. Even completely taking down the firewall. Before i moved server i was on another server that was hosted by OVH and it was part of their dedicated server range rather than the "official" gaming servers and had no problems. This server was running Windows server 2012 core rather than the full version. Me and a friend of mine believe it is a problem with the firewall or the ports. But we are literally getting nowhere.