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Serial Over Lan to CentOS 7 - how to configure?

21-04-2016, 19:40
I apologise in advance because I don't know how to help you, but there is always the IPMI Java iKVM app that OVH provides for it's dedicated servers.
That's how I manage my HOST-32L dedicated.
Is that something you would be able to use?
you can find it at:

14-04-2016, 20:17
Before setting up iptables, I want to ensure that I have console access to my new MC-32 server (CentOS 7) lest I lock myself out. ;-)

The instructions at do not apply to CentOS 7, which uses systemd in place of init.d

So I am unable to configure IPMI; please can anyone provide or refer me to instructions for doing this, or suggest a workaround?