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Xenserver 6.5 ISO Repository

14-05-2016, 19:10
Your ultimate intention for storing an iso on any particular VHD is unclear. If your VHD contains a r/w accessible storage space for it's VM... then why wouldn't you be able to store an iso type file in it as you could any other type of file also? The point of storing most iso's (typically distros) outside of any one VM is so that they're sharable/accessible by all of your VMs. When you put them in their usual place... the "MyISORepository" usually mounted in the XS host's (space limited) location at /var/opt/xen/iso_import, you achieve this goal (all your VMs can see this iso listed in their "DVD Drive 1:" drop-down box on top of their XC console window, and can readily mount these iso's). There's a common problem with this default iso storage space being too small... not containing enough room for many different/large distro type iso's: Is this the problem you're trying to address here by proposing to put iso's in the VM's individual VHD space instead of the XenServer hosts default/small storage space? If so... there are better solutions than what you're proposing...

29-04-2016, 18:50
Yes you can save ISO files on the same drive as VHD's

21-04-2016, 18:45

18-04-2016, 23:49
I'm using the default installation of xenserver 6.5 (from OVH) no modifications to the partitions.
my question is:
is it possible to store ISO files on the same drive as the VHD's for VMs? if not, am i able to configure xenserver to look on my configured backup storage for them?