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OVH range vs online 2016 range

20-04-2016, 14:33
I'm really conflicted at the moment, I used to have my servers split over and SYS, more recently I swapped my servers for a SYS E5-SAT-2. have just brought out their 2016 MD range though:

With 3 x 500GB SSD and 64GB RAM it makes a very tempting prospect, especially for 54.99 /month.

However, I actually really like OVH, I've been very fortunate and had no issues with any hardware, in an ideal world I'd swap my E5-SAT-2.and my E3-SSD-(4? the one with 3 x 300GB SSD) for 2 x HOST-64H if they had 3 x 480GB SSDs and were around 75/mo inc VAT.

Anybody think OVH are likely to bring out something a bit more compelling? Even if in the SYS range.