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E3-SSD-5 - still can't order

21-04-2016, 18:53
I believe those lead times you see are to provision an in-stock server when ordered

21-04-2016, 18:38
Quote Originally Posted by AngelDeaD
E3-SSD-5 is sold out.
You can see that on page where you get error message. Just scroll down.
I believe that to be part of the problem.

The availability is set to 72H for BHS anyway, so you would still be able to place an order, just with that expected lead time.

For example, the BK-4T has its availability set to 10D - but that means an order can still be placed.


21-04-2016, 16:10
E3-SSD-5 is sold out.
You can see that on page where you get error message. Just scroll down.
I do not know, why they did not updated availability on servers page.

21-04-2016, 14:35
There's been a "new" E3-SSD-5 spec available on the SYS website for over a week now - it's an E3-1245v2, 32GB RAM and 2*240GB SSDs in RAID-1 for £36 inc VAT. However, the ordering doesn't work on any SYS subsidiary website (e.g. uk, ie, etc), it just returns an error on trying to add it to the basket: "Erreur: Le paramètre est invalide". However, it works fine on the French SYS site (of course), where I notice the ordering system is totally different.

In short:

This URL doesn't work:

However this URL does work:

I first noticed this spec on the SyS website just over a week ago, still no change; even tried emailing Oles but he's deciding to ignore. Twice. I do not want to order from the French SYS site as then I'll have to pay in Euros (actually works out more @ ~£38/mo anyway) which I definitely want to avoid what with the EU Referendum bearing down on us, coupled with the fact I'd have to deal with French "support" in the event of e.g. a hardware issue.

ETA for a fix please?