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Order is ignored since 5 days

12-05-2016, 16:15
I canceled my order now, hope I get my refund ASAP
Can't wait any longer, absolutely ****TY behaviour by SYS

11-05-2016, 15:56
Obviously...the status in the managers last message is that my payment got in, that was at the 7th.
I can't call, too expensive. Support Tickets are ignored.

11-05-2016, 15:35
Do you have checked, if you logging on the manager of SYS? :-)

Check your e-mail, or call to the support!

I got no problems with deliver server.

11-05-2016, 15:04
I am waiting since 5 days for my server, SYS just took my money and didn't deliver so far. ID copies were sent again, I am already a OVH customer. Support tickets are just closed without reply.
ID: 52253291

If I had known this I'd have ordered somewhere else, I just lost 5 days of work and thus money