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NO Delivery in 72 Hours - Order is 8 Days Late

12-05-2016, 20:55
Quote Originally Posted by kinai
the server I ordered is not out of stock, its still on 120sec delivery promise
Hey mate, sorry for your trouble, which one did you order exactly? Hope it will be fixed soon.

My problem was "fixed" by me ordering a new one - which was started up fast because I was in contact with the support team. And they are also refunding the amount of the first order. It feels nice to finally have a server after waiting for this time in vain.

(DigitalDaz, thank you for your smypathy mate. )

Anyone who is reading this, keep in mind to be in contact with their support team especially on the phone they help much faster as I am told by one of my friends. Good luck to everyone.

12-05-2016, 11:29
the server I ordered is not out of stock, its still on 120sec delivery promise

12-05-2016, 10:29
This is just the way it is at OVH, if it is your first order it will always take longer as they do the payment check, by then the servers may be out of stock.

Why are they out of stock? Because of the high demand? Why the high demand? Because they are good!

Just hang in there, it will be worth the wait.

11-05-2016, 22:14
I am also waiting for my order since 5 days. It is unacceptable

11-05-2016, 19:18

I have made and paid for an order on May 1st while it says "72 hours" on the order page. Not only payment was approved 2 days later, but support staff wrote me something like "we will make you wait a little longer, it will take 10 more days".

Firstly, how is it that 10 more days waiting only a little longer while you promise delivery in 120 seconds and 72 hours? Of course, there can be problems about finding the hardware etc. But, as a company servicing worldwide customers, why do you promise a 72-hour delivery when you know you cannot deliver that specific server/configuration ?

Secondly, how is it "helping" a customer to offer a refund and cancellation? I really am curious about the logic behind this kind of thinking. Because, you make a customer wait for more than 2 days ONLY TO APPROVE his/her payment. And then you are saying "we can refund the order" - which will take at least 4-5 work days to return to this customer's credit card or bank account. So, customer loses/wastes 2 days for payment approval, AT LEAST 3 days for refund to return to his/her account - with a lot of frustration and headache of NOT having a server during that time - and there you go, you are "helping" the customer. Not to mention, your support staff is not fast, not at all - which will cause additional loss of time, probably.

Now, it has been a little more than 8 days since I created that ticket and it was answered by saying "it will take a little longer", so I am waiting for that delivery to be made within these next two days. I sincerely hope there will not be any problems, even a slight problem in this. Because, this is not even close to professional standards of business conduct and until this point, your service is a true dissapointment.

Order # : 51560575