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Question about dedicated server

12-05-2016, 14:51
Being you, I won't drop the option to get a GAME AntiDDOS, as it may help you a lot. However, you CAN host anything you want on any server, as long as it's legal and it's not forbidden by TOS. So yes, you can host a gameserver on any OVH dedicated server/VPS/cloud instance, but, if it's not a GAME server, you will not get the GAME AntiDDOS, which is tuned for various games.

If you want a Xeon GAME server, there's an alternative under OVH brand:

12-05-2016, 13:07

So I want to run a dedicated server for a game that needs a lot of CPU power. An Intel Xeon proccesor would do just fine ( it's a mod for Arma 3 ).
But one question, am I allowed to run a game server on a dedicated server? Since I don't want to rent a game server with a i7 but a dedicated server with Xeon proccesor.

And another question, for this game port 2302 needs to be openend. Is this possible?

Thanks for the response!